Architecture practice based in Scotland
May 2019
Fóram at Gairnshiel 

 Fóram was born out of our desire to share time and space with our community; an evening, once a month, of informal and relaxed discussion around food, art, design and architecture. Choosing to use local producers of seasonal vegetables and sustainably sourced meats and fish, paired with natural wines and ciders.

To celebrate the first year anniversary of Gairnshiel, a victorion hunting lodge beautifully placed deep within the Cairngorms, we curated an evening dinner followed by breakfast the next morning. It was an evening shared over wine, locally sourced foods and conversation surrounding ideas, memories and aspirations. Similar conversation continued in the morning as we watched the mist clear over the hills and sat down to enjoy a Scottish inspired breakfast.

The event was as much a chance for us to provide a unique experience for our guests as it was to come together as a team and enjoy working in the environment. The lodge has a special and calming charachter which instantly makes all who arrive feel at ease. Alongside the sense of being deep within the Cairngorms it makes for a beautifully hollistic experience. 

Photography by Amelia Claudia and Maarten Van Meerbeeck 

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