Architecture practice based in Scotland
July 2021
Modelling Mannerston

      The process of designing a home, whether it be a new build or a renovation, is a unique and exciting opportunity for everyone involved; it requires a way of visualising the form, scale and feeling of what is being created. Understanding what those spaces will feel like to be in, live in and relax in is integral; for us as architects and also for our clients as they will be living within and around what is being designed.

Making a physical model allows us to further explore the possibilities of the architecture, noticing moments within the spaces and how the light casts and shifts throughout the day. For our project in Mannerston we built a 1:150 model using laser cut plywood; etching on the details of the roof and facades, interpreting the aesthetic language of the architecture. With it being a home designed to sit within a specific plot of land, it’s a great tool to use within the design phase as it becomes the chalkboard for the collaboration towards achieving the forever home that’s been spoken of for many months, or more often, years.

Peering through the model ignites the imagination for how it will be to live in those spaces; as you look through the front door you can see the shadows from the summer terrace fall across the floor of the kitchen and dining area before you’re met with the gable wall of the living room, including the fireplace for the wood burning stove.

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