Architecture practice based in Scotland
March 2020
Native Flowering Plants

      Scotland is home to a diverse mixture of landscapes and ecosystems; from the lowlands of the borders, the highlands and islands, to the firths, fresh water lochans and oceanic coastlines. Not to mention the peatlands and tundra of the north.

With that comes and abundance of flaura, forna and wildlife which we play a role in protecting and encouraging within our projects. Flowering plants are not only beautiful but vital to the ecosystem as a food source for various bees, butterflies and insects. These are some of our favourites from the various species found in Scotland:

Scottish Primrose — Primula scotica
Shetland Mouse-ear — Cerastium nigrescens
The Pincushion plant — Diapensia lapponica
One-flowered Wintergreen — Moneses uniflora
Creeping Lady’s Tresses — Goodyera repenz
Intermediate Wintergreen — Pyrola media
Narrow-leaved Helleborine — Cephalanthera longifolia
Twin Flower — Linnaea

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