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Caochan na Creige

Coachan na Creige will be a private dwelling in on the Isle of Harris, characterised by the distinctive physical and atmospheric qualities of the surrounding ‘rock and lochan’ landscape. It will be built using concrete with Lewisian Gneiss aggregate, the only material local to the island and clad internally in Scottish oak and larch.

The layout offers generous living areas on the ground floor alongside two bedroom suites accessed by separate staircases for extra privacy. Every space takes inspiration from the local landscape and vernacular croft houses, creating a warm homely atmosphere which comes into its own during the long winter months of wind, rain and darkness.

Coachan na Creige translates as ‘little quiet one by the rock’ and takes its name from the immediate landscape around the house. This beautiful description was developed with John Murray, Landscape Architect and author of ‘Reading The Gaelic Landscape’ and whose knowledge is a great source of inspiration to the practice.

Due for completion Spring/Summer 2022

Na Hearadh
Isle of Harris

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